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© 2009 Ms. M’s Leathers. All rights reserved.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

just stuff, and lean angles to come...

yep, i'm still here :) stalking errr, reading your stuff.

ahh, that's better. thank you lenny!
and oh, right, mommas got a brand new, umm wait, that's not a bag, and it's sure the hell not baby:

howdy folks! just a quickey post. i'll be posting a few model years of H-D lean angles i've compiled to date. folks keep coming here looking for this info so it must be popular. Gee, i wonder why? Harley?!? Grrr... i still don't understand, why does my favorite m/c mfg think that short inseams should equal or accept practically 0 (zip, zilch, zero, nada) lean angle. sigh...  check out the details and judge for yourself.

anyway, i'll add the 2015 models here shortly too, since that info is newly released.

why do i put this info up, you ask? well,
  1. because lean angle info seems to disappear from all written sources once its deleted from h-d's current model specs webpages. 
  2. people like me want to know.
  3. i wish i had this info before i brought bob home, sexy him, with a deceptively surprisingly low lean angle. 
  4. because there's others out there concerned and/or challenged with it, like me.
so, if it can help someone else, then yay! i'm a happy rider! 
i'll put 'em up tomorrow.
asta luego friends :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

godspeed, bob

January, 2013, Alameda, Ca. Where's the pink crocs?  

just a few quick links. there's many more out there, somewhere…



today, i'm sad, and i'm sorry. there are just no words… :(

sending love, light, hugs, and prayers to yvonne and family, as well as to everyone that bob touched.

until we meet again my friend... ride with angels bob.

Friday, August 29, 2014


in my dreams, ALL bikes and bikers are treated equally.
i watch out for all bikes. 
yet i'm reminded,
riding hostile sf east bay rush hour traffic,
and reading LOTS of recent anti cruiser, mob mentality, offensive crap around here,
i'm reminded that this is still just a dream. 
so i'll just keep dreaming, and stay hopeful, 'til my dream comes true.
(and, i'll stop following anti cruiser, hater blogs). 
and you?

my only current transpo, and, thankful for it
avoiding rush hour...
out riding. peace :)
ms m and bob

Friday, March 21, 2014

cryptic spring equinox

some days it takes this 
and/or this
to realize this
combined with this

and then something like this happens
and circles everything back to fabulous this :) 
pic courtesy of leigh east photoman
howdy! sorry its been quiet from here. and it will be a little longer. hehe... out riding and playing! woohoo! :D 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

happy holidays! ~ 2013

hey everybody! how are ya? 

from here; its been a wonderful, incredible, amazing, fun, nutty, hectic, overall lovely year. i've got lots of stories and updates to put up, but, for now, just a quick shout out to say; Merry Christmas! 

enjoy the magical miss! the one, the only; Lil Bub, and her yule log video.

wishing you all lots of love, light, and yummy libations!

bob, baby, bruiser, senor cinco, and ms m